Parish Newsletter- 28th March 2021: PALM SUNDAY

Due to level 5 Government Restrictions, all non-essential public ceremonies are suspended. Therefore all public Weekday and Weekend Masses are suspended until further notice.
Sunday Mass from Clara at 11.30am can be viewed by going online to ‘YouTube’ and searching ‘St. Brigid’s Church, Clara’.
The Parish Office will also be closed. Anyone wishing to book or rearrange Masses, please leave a message on the answering machine and we will return your call.
The Churches will remain open for people to spend time in prayer in the Presence of the Lord. People are encouraged to enter into spiritual communion through Mass being live-streamed from some of the other parishes in this or other dioceses. Also, there may be services on local radio or RTÉ that people can access.

Mass Intentions
Sunday 28th March @11:30amBill & Angela McCaffrey.
Michael, Teresa & John Mc Caffrey. Baby Lucy Mullen.
Ethel Pinkerton. Maureen Farrell. Ann Naughton.
Bridie Coady. Maura & Reg Eyre. Claire & Rob Loureiro.
Patricia Hall. Charles & Mary Maloney
Thursday 1st April @7:30pmMASS OF THE LORD’S SUPPER
Friday 2nd April @3.00pmSTATIONS OF THE CROSS
Saturday 3rd April @7.30pmEASTER VIGIL, THE RESSURECTION
Sunday 4th April @7.30pm
Michael & Brigid O’Brien.
Joe & Mary O’Brien. Stanislav
Dubrowolski. Peter & Eileen Scully

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Our opening reading from Mark’s Gospel captures the elation of the crowds who welcome Jesus in Jerusalem. They spread greenery on the road in front of him, they lift their voices in praise, singing ‘Hosanna! Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord!’ But their hope and loyalty is short-lived, as we discover in our reading of the Passion. Jesus is left almost alone to face humiliation and death. His followers have heard his radical message of reversal and upheaval, but when it comes down to it, the challenge is too much. We are told ‘they all deserted him and ran away’. While Peter follows Jesus at a distance, he is soon denying he even knows him. Soon, the crowds are shouting for Jesus to be crucified. We are very familiar with the Passion Gospel and it can be tempting to allow ourselves to tune out, particularly when it comes to the unpleasant parts. We do not like to think of ourselves as part of the mob shouting ‘Crucify him!’ Yet if we enter fully into the experience, we can see ourselves in the story. When things are going well, it is easy to praise God and shout ‘Hosanna!’, and promise we will not lose faith. There are other times we fall asleep, become complacent. And then there are days when we struggle, when we are confused or do not know what God expects of us or whether we are able to handle the difficult times. We pull away from God. The different disciples display this range of human reactions and emotions. This week, Holy Week, we are the disciples walking with Jesus on a journey that leads to the cross. And yet here at the cross, we find Mary Magdalene and the other female disciples, and Joseph of Arimathaea. We know the story is not over for these disciples, or for Peter and the others. The journey of discipleship is just beginning. ‘We don’t have to be able to articulate all the logic of what is happening now. But Christians walk on with the conviction that there is One who does make sense of the apparent madness of shattered human dreams.’
Bishop Donal McKeown

Lord with the gift of courage we can do all manner of things in service of you. On this holy night you desire we listen to the voice of your Son and so discover the truth about you. He is the gate which you have opened that we may enter in and out and be saved. Help young men and women discover in Priesthood and Consecrated Life His voice and share the fullness of life you promise. May the example of Christ who gives His Body and Blood inspire them to follow Him and minister to others.
We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Irish Hospice Bereavement Support line: Many people have experienced the death of someone they love during the COVID-19 pandemic. It may have been a COVID-related death or a death from other causes. In the face of such loss, our Irish Hospice Foundation Bereavement Support Line, in partnership with the HSE, is there to provide connection, comfort and support for anyone grieving in these exceptional times. Free phone 1800 80 7077, 10.00am – 1.00pm, Monday to Friday

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