Parish Newsletter- 6th June 2021

Mass Intentions
Saturday 12th June  @7.00pm
Frank & Dora Dunne.
Sunday 13th June  @10.00am
Bridie & Michael Lynam & Deceased of the
Lynam & Keegan Families.
Sunday 13th June  @11.30am
Padraig Geoghan. Joe, Tom & Molly Newman.
Henry, Annie, Michael & Jimmy Dunne. Kathleen Broadbent.
Tuesday 15th June  @7.30am
Jim & Mary Meehan
Wednesday 16th June  @7.30pm
Lilly Scully. Mary Kate Gavin.
Deceased of the Feerey Family
Thursday 17th June @10.00am
No Intention.
Friday 18th June @10.00am
No Intention.
Saturday 19th June @10.00am
No Intention.
Saturday 19th June @7.00pm
No Intention.
Sunday 20th June @10.00am
Gerard, John & Kathleen Daly.
Paddy & Chris McDonnell.
Sunday 20th June @11.30am
John & Kathleen Meehan. Sean & Kyle Claffey.
Billy, Nellie & Paddy McCormack.

Coming to Mass in Clara?
1/ It is necessary to collect a ticket for the Weekend Mass you wish to attend. Tickets- limited to 50 for each Mass- are available in Clara Church on Tuesday 2.00pm-3.00pm or Thursday 4.00pm-5.00pm. One ticket per household.
2/ Use sanitiser provided at the entrance to sanitise your hands.
3/ Always observe social distancing of 2 Metres.
4/ Only sit in the places marked in the church.
Family members of one household may sit together.
5/ Enter by the Main Entrance only. Exit by all 3 doors.
6/ It is mandatory to wear a face mask.

Weekly Collections 29th & 30th May: Development Fund: €2,460; Offerings: €435; Plate: €295. Thank You!

Please pray for the soul of Jack Farrell, Cappaduff, recently deceased. R.I.P.

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)
‘He has gone out of his mind’
In the Gospel today we read that Jesus has returned home and causes quite a commotion on his arrival. Word about this healer and teacher has gotten around, the crowds have gathered, and the religious leaders are not happy. Jesus’ growing popularity has started to upset daily life for his family to the point where ‘they could not eat’. In an effort to protect their son and their brother, Jesus’ family try to explain away his ‘unruly’ behaviour. They tell the crowd and the religious leaders that Jesus does not mean what he says, he has simply ‘gone out of his mind’. In their view, things have gone too far. Jesus was preaching a message that seemed radical to many. He knows that bringing about God’s dream for the world involves speaking out and behaving in ways that are counter-cultural. The religious leaders go so far as to say that Jesus was possessed by a demon. It was their way of ‘explaining away’ someone that they could not cope with, someone who was challenging their systems and practices. We can think of those in society today who are ‘explained away’; those whom society wishes would stop speaking out because it is uncomfortable to listen to. Name-calling is often the last resort when institutions or ‘powers’ are disgruntled. The young climate activist, Greta Thunberg, knows this well. Following taunts by Presidents and Fossil Fuel executives towards her, she famously said, “When haters go after your looks and differences, it means they have nowhere left to go… and then you know you’re winning”. The end of today’s Gospel is troubling as Jesus seems to dismiss his mother, his brothers and sisters. But Jesus’ mission is now wider than his immediate family. It is not that he no longer cares for them, God’s vision and Jesus’ vision for this world are now one. As sometimes happens in life, we have to let go of certain things in order to follow our true path.

Marian Pilgrimages
have released their pilgrimage schedule for 2021 & 2022 to Lourdes, Medjugorje, Fatima, Italy & Holy Land. Registration form and Information on: or ring Marian Pilgrimages on (01) 878 8159

Accord Tullamore are looking for Facilitators for their Marriage Care Service. Professional training is provided. If interested, please contact Aisling on 01 5053112 or by email to Registration form and Information on:

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