Parish Newsletter- 18th July 2021

“So they went off in a boat to some lonely place where they could be by themselves.” Mark 6:30-34

Mass Intentions
Saturday 31st July @7.00pm
Phil Bastic (Month’s Mind). Derek Mee. Kathleen Egan
Sunday 1st August @10.00am
Rosemary & Brian McLynn.
Michael & Maureen Robbins.
Sunday 1st August  @11.30am
Sean & Maureen Doolan
Tuesday 3rd August @7.30pm
No Intention.
Wednesday 4th August @7.30pm
St. John Mary Vianney, Cure d’Ars
No Intention.
Thursday 5th August @10.00am
No Intention.
Friday 6th August @10.00am
The Transfiguration
Mass for all on the Parish list of the Dead
Saturday 7th August @10.00am
No Intention
Saturday 7th August  @7.00pm
No Intention
Sunday 8th August @10.00am
Laura Dillon. Pat Keegan
Sunday 8th August @11.30am
Larry Maher (Month’s Mind). Paddy & Betty Fitzpatrick. Lisa, Columb & Mary Kane.

Coming to Mass in Clara?
1/ It is necessary to collect a ticket for the Weekend Mass you wish to attend. Tickets- limited to 50 for each Mass- are available in Clara Church on Tuesday 2.00pm-3.00pm or Thursday 4.00pm-5.00pm. One ticket per household.
2/ Use sanitiser provided at the entrance to sanitise your hands.
3/ Always observe social distancing of 2 Metres.
4/ Only sit in the places marked in the church.
Family members of one household may sit together.
5/ Enter by the Main Entrance only. Exit by all 3 doors.
6/ It is mandatory to wear a face mask.

Please pray for the souls of Larry Maher, The Green;
and Teresa Rock, Mucklagh & Collinstown; both recently deceased.

Weekly Collections – 10th & 11th July
Development Fund: €2,675; Plate: €270; Offerings: €1,305.
Thank You!

Take a Break!.
We all need a break sometimes. I remember once reading a selection of entries for a Mothers’ Day competition, in which people were asked why their mother deserved to win a prize. They all had themes in common – she never does anything for herself; she is always thinking of other people; I cannot remember the last time she took a break.
In today’s Gospel, the disciples need a break. They have returned from their mission, eager to catch up with Jesus, but there is so much happening that they barely have time to eat. Jesus sees their need and invites them to take a boat with him to a quiet place and rest for a while. But there is no time for rest, as the crowds have followed them on foot. Jesus is moved by them because they are ‘like sheep without a shepherd’. He is the Good Shepherd who always cares for his flock, and he responds with compassion and love.
No doubt the disciples are drafted in to help: it turns out it is not break-time! We can imagine their exhaustion. We all feel tired or overwhelmed from time to time, from work or family pressures or simply trying to balance everything. Postponing our own needs to care for others is familiar to every parent or caregiver. We do not know if the disciples got a rest at that point, but we know that Jesus valued time apart as he later sends the disciples off in the boat again while he goes away by himself to pray. In the chaos of life, even when there are demands on our time and energy,
it is important to take some time to reflect and to pray.

The Offaly Camino Canal Way Walk to Croghan Hill Saturday 31st of July & Sunday 1st of August Everyone welcome in any capacity or distance: Offaly football legend Laz Molloy and renowned Africa fundraiser Ronan Scully along with family and friends are undertaking the “Offaly Canal Camino Way Walk” from Shannon Harbour to Tullamore on Saturday 31st of July starting at 8.00pm and from Tullamore to Croghan Hill on Sunday August 1st starting at 9.30am sharp onto Croghan Hill for Mass at 3.00pm. They are looking for people to join them and raise much needed funds for Self Help Africa. To find out more or to get a sponsorship card for the “Offaly Camino Canal Way” Charity walk contact Laz Molloy on 086 677 8807, Aislinn Molloy 087 068 8530, Ricey Scully 086 815 3047 or Paul Galvin 087 837 5407 to receive your sponsorship card. Participants who raise excess of €100 will be rewarded with a specially designed t-shirt and will be entered into special raffles. You can also contact Ronan Scully on (087) 618 9094, visit or email

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