Parish Newsletter- 1st October 2022

Saturday 1st October @7.00pm
Evelyn Rooney (Month’s Memory).
Ennie, Frank & Rita Dignam
Sunday 2nd October @10.00am
Bridget, Terry & Liam McGuinness
Sunday 2nd October @11.30am
Mary Newman. Theresa Brown
Tuesday 4th October @7.30pm
St. Francis of Assissi.
Sean, Mary & John Kavanagh.  Deceased of the Cooper family.  Joshua Touhey
Wednesday 5th October @7.30pm
No Intention
Thursday 6th October @10.00am
St. Bruno
No Intention.
Friday 7th October @10.00am
Our Lady of the Rosary
Mass for all on the Parish List of the Dead
Saturday 8th October @10.00am
St. Pelagia
Kathleen Newman. Andy Minnock
Saturday 8th October @7.00pm
John Phelan (Month’s Memory). Mary, Brigid & Davey McGrath.  Bridget & Charley Hogan
Sunday 9th October @10.00am
John, Margaret, Johnny & Kathleen McCormack
Sunday 9th October @10.00am ClaraCatch Berry

Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist
Jesus says ‘Come to me all you who labour and are burdened and I will give you rest.’
Monday & Friday – 5.00-6.00pm
Tuesday & Wednesday – after 7.30pm Mass to 9.00pm.
All are welcome!

We continue to keep the People of Ukraine in our Prayers during this time of needless war.

Day for Life 2022 – Caring for The Older Person Day for Life is celebrated by the Catholic Church in Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the meaning and value of human life at every stage and in every condition. This year’s Day for Life is celebrated in Ireland today, Sunday 2nd October on the theme ‘Caring for the Older Person’. We invite people to think again about the value and worth of older persons in families and in society, and to make practical choices to build bridges between the generations. We call for people and parishes to devote quality time, energy, and creativity in caring for the older persons in our communities. We invite engagement in political debate on providing adequately resourced care of older persons so that no-one feels like a burden in our society. Saint Joachim and Saint Anne – Pray for us! To read the pastoral message for Day for Life in full, visit

Our Faith can sometimes be like a Mustard seed, small …
Faith can move mountains… well it can certainly get us moving. Recall a time when you were full of self-doubt, scepticism about a project, or lacking trust in God. What was that like? Contrast this with times when you believed in yourself, or in the value of a project you had undertaken, or when your faith and trust in God was strong. What kind of faith have you found enriched your life? Faith is like a mustard seed, small, and sometimes we may be tempted to wait till our faith grows. Part of the message in the gospel is to use the faith we have, even though it may be small. That is how we grow in belief in ourselves and in God’s presence in our lives. Does your experience back this up? It is nice when what we do is recognised and acknowledged, but the desire for recognition leaves us vulnerable. It is not always forthcoming. It can be helpful if our main motivation in doing something is the value of the action itself. Have you experienced this? This is particularly true when it comes to love. Love is a free gift. What is given lovingly is not given because of a claim. What is your experience of the freedom of love given and received?

Clara Town Band is looking for new members both junior and senior. For further information call Margaret (087) 291 5970.

ALONE: Would you be willing to provide companionship or make calls to Older People once a week? ALONE are seeking volunteers in your area. Full training and support provided. Please sign up here: or for more information, contact Fiona on or on (086) 136 6539.

Meals on Wheels – Offaly Healthy Homes Project are offering a Meals on Wheels service. Delicious and nutritious meals prepared and delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a cost of €6 per dinner and dessert. These meals can be tailored to suit your needs. For more information please contact Claire on (087)979 9663.

Collections for 24th & 25th September:
Development Fund: €1,280; Plate: €275.
Thank You!

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