Parish Newsletter- 19th May 2024

Mass times for the week aheadMASS INTENTIONS
Saturday 18th May @7.00pm
Catriona Carroll. James Fleming (Month’s Mind). Joe & MaryAnn Walsh. Andy Hernesssy. Phyllis McGrath.
Sunday 19th May @10.00am
Seamus & Deceased of the Robbins family.
Sunday 19th May @11.30am
Girls’ School First Communion
Reese, Thos & Jonathan Rickard.
Tuesday 21st May @7.30pm
Tom Kileen. Thomas & Eileen Kinahan
Wednesday 22nd May @7.30pm
St. Rita of Cascia
Joseph, Bridget Jojo & Peggy Handy. Noelle Mahon. Nora & Michael Rickard. Denis & Justin O’Meara
Thursday 23rd May @10.00am
William & Annie
Friday 24th May @10.00am
Day of Prayer for the Church in China
 No Intention
Saturday 25th May @10.00am
St. Bede the Venerable
 No Intention
Saturday 25th May @7.00pm
Billy Maher (Month’s Mind). Joe Minnock. Larry Bracken. Bernie Kavanagh
Sunday 26th May @10.00am
John & May Pettit. Peter, Kathleen, Peter & Mary Agnes Naughton.
Sunday 26th May @11.30am


Mary Robbins
(Month’s Mind).

Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist
Come to me all you who labour and are burdened. I will give you peace
Monday & Friday – 5.00-6.00pm
Tuesday & Wednesday – after 7.30pm Mass to 9.00pm.
All are welcome!

Loving Father bless all children, especially the Girls who receive Jesus in the Bread of Life in First Communion today. Amen.

In Today’s Gospel, Jesus recognised that his disciples were not capable of taking in everything at once. Wisdom about life comes slowly and sometimes painfully. Hearing the ‘right‘ answer at the ‘wrong‘ time does not help us. We need to be ready and open to receiving the truth if it is to have any impact. Perhaps you can recall some occasions when it was the ‘right‘ time for you to learn a truth about life. Remember your experiences of growth in understanding. The Spirit can guide us to understanding in different settings. Understanding may have come to you when you were praying or reflecting on your life. Perhaps the Spirit guided you through the words of someone close to you, or through the words and actions of people you read about or saw on TV. The Spirit also speaks to us through ‘the signs of the times’. The church has lived through a troubled decade or two, and society has been through turbulent times with the climate crisis, political unrest, wars and forced migration. How do you think the Spirit is speaking to us at this time?

Blessings of Graves will take place on Sunday 2nd June at 3.00pm in Clara & at 4.00pm in Horseleap

Clara Parish Volunteering Sunday on 25th/26th May. Place your gifts and talents at the service of our parish. We need singers, readers, Eucharistic Ministers, collectors, altar decorators, cleaners, youth ministry, etc.. Our parish can only live if people are involved for the good of all.

Fund Raising Concert in Aid of Motor Neuron Disease Association in Clara Parish, Sunday 26th May at 6.00pm. For Tickets  contact (087) 954 4943.

Accord Catholic Marriage Care Service is currently recruiting volunteers to train as marriage preparation programme facilitators. An Accord marriage preparation facilitator is a personally fulfilling leadership role, blending life experience and faith. Successful applicants will receive professional training and be part of a team delivering marriage preparation programmes locally. Contact Aisling on (01) 505 3112 or by email

The Pray for Life Novena is an invitation to join thousands of people across Ireland to pray for the protection of human life, Thursday 23rd May to the Feast of the Visitation on Friday 31st May. Visit for the daily novena prayers and to sign up for daily Reminders.

Life Spirit Seminar, Tullamore Parish for the next 4 weeks. Tuesday @ 6:30pm. Contact Tony Evans for details – (086) 190 1693.

All Ireland Rosary in Knock Saturday 1st June, starting at 9.30am with a conference in St. Johns Centre. Mass at 3.00pm. For details of all keynote speakers on the day, visit

Dates for Your Diary!
Girls School, Clara – Sunday 19th May
Horseleap & Streamstown Schools – Sunday 26th May
Blessings of Graves in Clara & HorseleapSunday 2nd June.

Collections for 11th/12th May:
Development Fund: 1,145; Plate: 695; Offerings: 20.
Thank You!


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