Livestream from Clara

Our livestream continues to grow in popularity. Our visitor numbers have grown to such an extent that our current hosting company are unable to cope. Therefore, when you click on the image below, you will leave our site and go directly to the livestream. This lessens the strain on our servers for the site and will hopefully ensure that the very large number of people viewing the services in St. Brigid’s church will do so without problems. If you do encounter any difficulties, please drop a message to to alert us to any issues so we may attempt to resolve them as soon as is possible. We are aware of issues with some smart TVs, but this appears to be an issue with the built-in browser on the TV and is outside our control.

If you would like to make a donation to the parish, you can visit our Support Us page for details. Thank you for any contribution you make.

Please note that when there are no lights on in the church, that the picture will be in black and white (‘night mode’). When the lights are on for evening ceremonies, or during daylight hours, the image will be in full colour.

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